Orthopedic Treatments and Therapies

In additional to our specialised Advanced PRP and Stem Cell treatments, we also offer a wide range of orthopedic treatments for many types of injury and problems. Below you'll find a brief overview of some of the treatments that we provide. If you have any questions or would like any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


  • Arthroscopic Surgery
  • Total knee replacement
  • Total hip arthroplasty
  • The Big Finger Tree (Kochi)
  • Shoulder Diseases
  • Diseases - Spinal Surgery
  • Osteoporosis


  • Knee arthroscopy
  • Shoulder Arthroscopy
  • Hip Arthroscopy
  • Arthroscopy of the BMP
  • Wrist Arthroscopy


  • Arthroscopic Surgery of All Joints
  • Soft Particle Ultrasound
  • Microdissection - Laser - Discoplasty
  • Specialized Sports Services with Foot Analysis, Bioval, F.A.M.
  • Footprint