Advanced PRP Treatments by George Spagakos

Advanced PRP Treatments
Plasma Rich in Platelets (PRP)

Dr. Spagakos is one of the pioneers of PRP treatments, which he applies to orthopedic pathology. Since 2007 with continuous studies and modifications on his continuous evolving protocols, he has developed an effective therapy with very positive PRP results on the majority of his patients.

In our practice we are using Advanced PRP, which does not have any similarities at all with the blood sampling tubes that are used by the majority of the doctors for PRP, which are questionable with regards to the platelets concentration and their sterilization.

Advanced PRP gives us the maximum concentration of platelets and in combination with the personalized protocol that the doctor applies on each patient according their injury, we can help our patients have a direct and long term results on their issues and injuries that they were suffering from for a prolonged period.

Advanced PRP is more clean with a better concentration even from those that are created by automated machines that are used in Regenerating Clinics in the USA.

We differ and have the greatest results because:
  • We are Using Advanced PRP
  • We are applying personalized protocols that have been created from our experience since 2007.
  • The applications are created in a specially designed space,
  • The injections are made with the guidance of a super modern U/S and special needles that allow the doctor to work with absolute precision

If you have any question regarding our Advanced PRP treatment you can contact us by email.

The procedure of the PRP infusion involves first taking blood from a surfaced vein. This particular blood then is submitted to a process using a specially designed PRP centrifuge that separates and gathers the platelets (the human blood contains platelets, white cells, serum and electrolytes). The high concentrated platelets are then injected into the injured area to provide fast and increased healing process of the injury. Some patients may feel slightly uncomfortable for few days or feel some disturbances in the treated area because of the reaction, but these symptoms lessen in few weeks with a total and complete recovery.

In what conditions is PRP infusion applied:
  • PRP is necessary in every sport injury
  • Arthritis
  • Bone Degeneration, fracture abrasion
  • Degeneration of muscles, tendons and ligaments
  • Degeneration of the spine