George Spagakos MD MSC

Orthopedic Surgeon - Sports Physician
Athens Greece

George Spagakos specialises in new and pioneering treatments that are the future in the field of Orthopedic Anti-Aging. Through his website you can find useful information about his services that are available at his two clinics in Voula and Markopoulo in Athens.

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How we are Different ...

At our practice our main target is to provide the highest care to our patients in order to improve their quality of life.

In order to succeed with this, it is essential to have an early stage diagnosis so we will be able to provide the correct treatment. In addition to the clinical examination we pay great attention to the medical history of the patient.

Our practice is equipped with medical equipment and machinery that helps us in further diagnosis of the patient's issues, such as diagnostic ultra sound, electromyography, pelmatography, Bioval (movement analysis and rehabilitation) and FAM (muscle strength).

Our philosophy is that every patient is unique and requires a unique therapy. For that reason applying such therapy to every single patient has became our target.

We strongly believe that a certain therapy or an operation is not always panacea (nostrum), and that is why before an invasive method of treatment, we will take to the far end every non-operative method such as acupuncture, electro acupuncture, PRP, stem cell treatments, shock wave ultra sound or laser needle, all of which depends on your specic medical issue and needs.

Modern Medicines

Combining modern and traditional therapeutic methods.


Injections (PRP) and Stem Cell with ultrasound guidance.

Sports Medicine

Specialized sports treatments and therapies.